Small restaurant business know-how

food and beverage industry to become rich money has always been the focus of entrepreneurs who do not have the money to operate high-end restaurants, open a small restaurant is also a good choice. Small investment, small risk, and cost recovery fast, it is the first choice for entrepreneurs.


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location requirements: the city downtown area, the mall evacuation entrance, near the business district office or residential building on the local school.

six. The annual net profit of 60 thousand yuan budget

Prediction of


"meal" and "drink" is the eternal topic of human beings, with the pace of reform and development, people’s life and work rhythm, along with the physical and psychological pressure increase, the need for a leisure place. This provides an opportunity for the development of the beverage market, the development of mass consumption of the beverage market has become a trend.

environment, with appropriate space in front of the best, no shelter, surrounding the best well-known commercial construction in order to improve the recognition of the occasion.

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