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with the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, in recent years, scholars from wall liquid wallpaper products are very popular in China, has now become the most popular new wall decoration products. Dolly, liquid wallpaper is a new type of art decorative paint, it can make different styles on the wall through a proprietary mold pattern.

+ liquid wallpaper wall art Chardonnay the products are mainly derived from natural shellfish shell surface, colloidal organic adhesives also use non-toxic, harmless, is truly natural, environmentally friendly products. So, what are the advantages of concrete wall art scholar dolly?

1, and liquid wallpaper for any dolly wall wall construction is simple, widely used in ceramics, cement base surface, wood surface, metal surface, the surface of the glass. With low cost, super luxury, high-grade secondary features, large hotels, office buildings, small to tens of thousands of thousands of families can be applied at all levels of environmental art paint;

2, liquid wallpaper wall art scholar dolly to modeling a variety of all kinds of patterns and various other techniques of expression, including characters, plant, animal, cartoon, scenery, three-dimensional, embossed, abstract, art elements, free collocation method, the myriads of changes, the maximum extent to meet the needs of the market;

3, and liquid wallpaper wall art Chardonnay color any deployment color changing, can be arbitrary collocation form perfect decorative effect; art elements, regardless of size, can according to their own preferences such as art design, make the same visual effect.

4, and liquid wallpaper products green Chardonnay from Italy using patented technology, the application of marine natural shell shell, water-based polymer resins, additives combination, no harmful ingredients release, green environmental protection.

Chardonnay scholar liquid wallpaper products have passed the wall of the certification authority of the State Department of green building materials, with impeccable quality, resistance to aging, permeability, anti alkali corrosion and strong water resistance, scrub resistance, no peeling, no cracking, do not fade, the excellent quality to ensure that the use of more than twenty years.

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