Laid-off workers can open what shop

because of various reasons, now many people have become a laid-off workers, if it has been at home, eat, and do not say a lot of people’s family conditions do not permit, there are a lot of people do not like to rest. "How much money you have, not open a shop". Shop again small, even if it is just a sales window or pavilion, is also a kind of investment and management activities, the money in the hands of the value, value-added, is a convenient and realistic way.

this business activities, the most suitable for laid-off workers. Laid off workers generally receive a placement fee, or production and operation support funds, or unemployment benefits, with the money to open a small shop, the cost is almost.

, of course, not every shop can be profitable. But as long as the market research to determine the front of the shop, business premises, business projects, solve the purchase channels, and do a good job of customer demand forecast, then act, I believe you will be successful. In my humble opinion, specializes in several business items for laid-off workers, for reference only. So, laid-off workers can open what shop?

clothing store:

laid off workers if there is cutting clothing technology, opened a clothing store, will certainly be welcomed by the urban people, especially working-class. Not only solves the problem that people wear old clothes too outdated, abandoned, and not feel pity from the change, buy new income and not well-off distress, but also carry forward the thrift virtue, therefore, understand or willing to learn sewing technology, may wish to change clothes in the shop, in addition to direct to customers outside the old agricultural restructuring also, those who didn’t change the old clothes, buying up with little money, and then as a result of clothing needs to be restructured, making it a new popular clothing, and then to sell cheap.

to do a clothes shop is not difficult, its investment is not much, simple equipment. As long as a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, plus some small tools, you can open. Then with some sewing buttons, zipper patch repair work, getting wider.

snack bar:

according to their own actual characteristics, choice of downtown opened a unique snack, hire a waiter, plus rent, buy Cookware, required liquidity and other costs, investment is not more than ten thousand yuan. Business home cooked meals, can cook, small profits for business purposes, services to workers, students and migrant population, mode of operation for breakfast, snack, operating varieties with local characteristics, focusing on fine coarse grains do.

: darn high-grade underwear

a piece of high-grade underwear was accidentally burned a hole in the butt, or inadvertently be broken, a few hundred dollars of money to throw a pair of underwear, wearing the body and unsightly. Textile systems or

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