Laid-off workers to plant trees to become rich rewrite the fate

a lot of people every time to see other people’s entrepreneurial deeds, always very envious, admiration. But they are also through hard work and pay, only to get a return. Today the hero is a laid-off worker, she is unwilling to do hard life, but choose to break their own piece of heaven and earth.

see what science really red, such as community director said, she is cheerful and vigorous, straight talk from an honest man, full of vigor and vitality, when we talk, her face full of confidence, and the joy of success.

38 year old Me Xuehong said that more than 10 years ago, the scene is still vivid. At that time, she graduated from Haizhou mine exchange work. A young girl just graduated with "a secure job", really envy. However, there are days of wind and rain, in 1995, the company officially declared bankruptcy, at this time Me Xuehong feel all the lost and helpless, where the road ahead, she fell into a painful contemplation.

to rural entrepreneurship, although the idea is good, but easier said than done? Born in the city, long in the city of learning red, all of the country are very strange. In particular, the mention of that tent years, Me Xuehong tears every time around the eye socket. In June 2001, learning red and her husband with a tent, officially stationed in the forest. At that time, in addition to a large forest and their companion, around ten in not a soul.

what science red entrepreneurial road seems to be smooth, 2002, autumn approaching, this is the most exuberant season of trees. From afar, nearly 200 acres of woodland in a lush, rows of poplar tall and luxuriant. When you learn the elephant as usual in the woods, patrol, she unexpectedly found in the southwest corner of forest trees, poplar leaves are yellow, some fall off. You learn that red is likely to be a pest, so she immediately recommended

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