Sichuan thousand plan list announced the selection of a number of innovative entrepreneurial team

no matter what industry wants to develop, talent is essential. To achieve innovation and entrepreneurship, it is the need for high-quality innovative talents. In recent years, Sichuan, thousands of people plan has begun to focus on the cultivation of innovative talent and team, given a number of funding.

1 6, 2015 Sichuan, thousands of people plan to finance the candidates and the team in Sichuan talent network publicity. The batch of thousands of people plan a total of 154 high-level talent and innovation and entrepreneurship team of the 19 finalists.

publicity for a period of January 6th to January 12th. During the publicity, such as the proposed funding candidates and the team have objections, you can name the real work of the office of the leading group office telephone, written reflection or interview.

The introduction of talent

An important part of

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