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because of the needs of the people, and now the big market is rapid development, is now a juicer market more and more brands, in short, juice machine on the market more dazzling, so what a good juicer, and how to choose the best one? Fruit and vegetable juice is easy to be absorbed by the human body, do not consume the energy of the human digestive system, which is an indisputable fact. How to choose a good juicer is the key. The following small series to introduce Juicer ten brands list.

Juicer ten brands list NO1- Joyoung

Baidu search index: 88366

Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Joyoung or the company), formerly known as Shandong Joyoung small appliances Co. Ltd., founded in July 2002, September 2007 officially transformed into joint-stock company, chairman of the company president Wang Xuning.

Juicer ten brands list NO2- Hui

Baidu search index: 87141

human body shell material for the ABS resin is acrylonitrile – styrene – butadiene copolymer, is a high strength, good toughness of thermoplastic polymer materials. The outlet of the juice and the material of the slag outlet are edible grade PC.

Juicer ten brands list NO3- PHILPS

Baidu search index: 39598

PHILPS, founded in Holland in 1891, mainly produces lighting, household appliances, medical products. PHILPS has now developed into a large multinational company, in 2007 the global staff has reached 128100 people, has a production base in 28 countries, with sales offices in 150 countries, with a total of 80 thousand patents, superior strength.

2011 in July 11th, PHILPS announced the acquisition of Pentium electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the amount may be about 2 billion 500 million yuan. October 17, 2011, PHILPS electronics released third quarter earnings, net profit fell by 85.9% in the third quarter, while announced that PHILPS will lay off about 4500 people worldwide. At the end of January 2013, PHILPS consumer electronics business has been stripped of all, will focus on the quality of life, medical and lighting equipment industry.

Juicer ten brands list NO4- beautiful

Baidu search index: 12950

was founded in 1968 in the United States of America group, is a home appliance industry, involved in real estate, logistics

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