Cigarette display need to pay attention to what the whole

display work done in place, which has a great influence on the operation of cigarettes. So, if you want to do a good job in cigarette business, you need to display the above efforts. In a word, cigarette display is an important part of the retail terminal. The author believes that the retail customers have the following precautions in cigarette display.

attention orderly display. Some retail customers will be different origin, different prices, different colors, different brands of cigarettes placed together at random. In fact, the orderly display of cigarettes can not only enhance the quality of the cigarette cabinet, but also can shorten the time consumers find the required cigarettes and decided to buy.

pay attention to distinguish primary and secondary. Cigarette display to prioritize the larger profit of cigarettes, cigarette, cigarette and other new products unsalable to different key display, can put the cigarette well to consumers.

attention to multiple display. Because of the damage or safety factors of cigarette retail customers worry, will often reduce the variety and quantity of cigarette samples on the display of cigarette, which is easy to enable consumers to shop the cigarette sales is not a good idea. Therefore, it is necessary to try to display all the varieties, expand the display surface, the sample is rich, so that consumers choose to increase the scope of.

stay fresh. Cigarette display style to the characteristics of the time interval to replace a display, so that consumers always have a sense of freshness on the visual, which will play a role in promoting the daily management of intangible.

pay attention to the overall display. Tile display method is relatively simple to operate, welcomed by retail customers. However, this kind of display method lacks the sense of hierarchy and the sense of three-dimensional, which reduces the contact between consumers and commodities. Pay attention to the overall display in cigarette display, can increase the cigarette display height and width, the combination of articles, decorative items, such as the design of the back cabinet, so that cigarette display more three-dimensional.

attention collocation display. Some retail customers are subject to a variety of conditions, cigarette display is relatively simple. In fact, as long as the attention everywhere, around some of the ordinary material can also be a decorative material. For example, a bottle of wine and cigarettes together, you can create a different atmosphere.

attention counter display. Conditional retail customers can set up a variety of theme counters, such as festive smoke counters, fine smoke counters, etc., and then into the theme of retail customers want, cigarette display is more .

pay attention to gold line display. In cigarette display, the main brand to be displayed on the counter of the gold line, to avoid placing it on the bottom of the counter, the counter height and the consumer’s line of sight is better. If the display is not available, you can broaden the width of the counter, so that consumers can clearly see all the cigarettes, >

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