What are the countries to join the national stinky tofu support

Qingdao national foot stinky tofu, see the name of the stinky tofu, the first look at what you feel, Xiaobian I feel that this is a patriotic tofu shop ah? "No matter how the country foot, I will never change until death to support him such a touching picture let me moments of this family Stinky tofu shop to pay tribute to heart.

is a little more than a little of my gossip, let us together to understand this one Qingdao national foot stinky tofu bar!

Qingdao national foot stinky tofu is a professional operating stinky tofu catering company. At present, the national direct and stores more than 300, the company is located in Shanxi Taiyuan, Qingdao Zhiyingdian national headquarters, Ji’nan street in the flagship store (Ji’nan headquarters), Taiyuan Xu Xi (Shanxi headquarters), Xi’an City, Shaanxi Liaoning Shenyang Taiyuan Street headquarters, headquarters, Handan Hebei headquarters.

‘s Stinky tofu set hundred long into the statements of a school products have Stinky tofu, Changsha crisp, and Shaoxing Stinky tofu mellow, combines the advantages of traditional multi Stinky tofu production process, updated and improved on the basis of strict quality control process of each link, the use of pure natural vegetable and fruit refuse fermentation, food additives and rotten meat fungus using traditional craft, tofu processing has a very high nutritional value, let consumers eat really green and healthy food.

national stinky tofu support:

1, strong brand benefits:

company has become the product of a unique brand, settling down in the hearts of consumers, gold silver cup as word of mouth, which is a valuable intangible assets of Qingdao green grass, "China Stinky tofu" this brand can bring huge economic benefits.

‘s Stinky tofu as a snack and has a broad market prospect of franchise system, according to the headquarters city of different sizes, different specific consumption standards and investors carefully designed different portfolio, ultra low fee and personalized small investment mode, and provide the corresponding store design, to enable investors to obtain personalized catering combination.

2, full technical guidance:

headquarters for the long-term support of the store is that investors continue to join the headquarters after the technical guidance and technical upgrading of the help, so that investors fully enjoy the superiority and happiness to join.

3, production rate:

headquarters through hundreds of kinds of food production process standardization of innovation, so that the product yield is greatly improved, so that investors in the food taste and quality assurance

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