What disease need treatment

may be a variety of government for the promotion of entrepreneurship, and perhaps there are too many cases of successful business venture, so many people are thinking about entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship needs to be treated with caution. Why do I have to be cautious in this call for entrepreneurship? Because I really think this is really a small business, but I also believe that the central propaganda of public entrepreneurship, innovation is not to encourage everyone to leave to start their own company.

venture this thing is playing bad. A senior child a few days ago micro-blog contact me, said he was going to drop out of school to start; I often meet some just not three years said the young man decided to venture; there are a lot of more than 40 years old, but the occupation unhappy friend told me that he decided to start selling.

they will find many reasons to support entrepreneurship: Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are dropped out of university to start, jumei.com is not a good work of Chen Ou had success, after 40 years old is Lei Jun, founder of millet. Those who say the reason to venture, their entrepreneurial disease is not light.

graduated from the University on the idea of entrepreneurship, this entrepreneurial disease to prevent

in China, dare to drop out of school to start a business should not be much, but when they graduated from college because they can not find a good job and want to start a lot of people. Now the economic environment is not good, the difficulty of finding a job to increase, more and more fresh graduates that unemployment, and now spread around the business, they graduated from the venture. But if a person can’t find a job, can he do a good job? Compared to find a job, creating an industry more than a hundred times more difficult.

young students are likely to be a few successful entrepreneurial case brainwashing, although young is the capital, entrepreneurship is nothing to lose. But when people embark on entrepreneurship, the basic is a road of no return, many college students did not venture into the company to work at ease mentality also lost. Toss back and forth several times, career development is trapped.

so don’t promote and encourage college graduates to start their own business, the success ratio is too low. Met confused graduates, try to persuade them to discourage the idea of entrepreneurship. Of course, not all college students are not suitable for entrepreneurship, for those who have the ability to get the top job Offer graduation, entrepreneurship can be a more challenging choice.

do not want to work through the business to climb the peak of life, this entrepreneurial disease had to rule


China university education the failure is the vast majority of graduate students have no clear direction, students choose to work with little hobby based on your own interests, more is to listen to their parents advice or blindly chasing the popular work, after a period of time just don’t feel right. More often, very

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