How clever use of the store to do business in winter

winter because of bad weather, many people do not want to go out, which will naturally have a very big impact on the store’s business. But if you can make good use of clever winter, shops can also do a good job hot. Although many of the owners are aware of this, but how clever use of winter but do not know. So, how clever use of shops in winter to do business?

in the past every winter, my supermarket will fall into a period of low season, which lasted longer, giving me a certain impact on the supermarket. In particular, my mind is on a stone. I was sitting quietly waiting to leave this off-season, but then I gradually found that light can not solve the problem, we should actively adjust and change, so that it can side from passive to active, and then make their own supermarket out of trouble, to do business fire.

display freezing into signs

in the winter, I will make full use of the premises in front of the door. My door is more open, more and more people, so I will buy the ice cream neatly placed there, I also put a variety of shapes based on the color of the ice cream. The cold winter, everywhere is white, but my ice cream not only decorate these riotous with colour the snow in the world, but also can attract the attention of customers, so that they themselves, suddenly felt the desire to buy is transferred out.

so they have to stop it, or buy some after the election, they will enter my supermarket checkout and checkout, and I will be attracted to the supermarket goods, then buy again. A customer said with a smile: "I was in front of you that colorful ice cream to surrender, you are really a creative person, I do not know why, I saw, the mood is very comfortable, so there is a desire to buy it!" I am glad to hear her words.

another friend said to me: "I found you in front of the ice cream display are always very creative, sometimes is a ‘heart’ word, sometimes is a banner, there is a robot, you really creative. We watched, the pace will not move!" After listening to the children, my enthusiasm was mobilized again. So, the gate before the site became a sign of me, I use it to attract a lot of customers. Customers not only buy ice cream, but also promote the sale of other goods while buying ice cream. I made use of the characteristics of winter, expand characteristic display, and then worked in business.

carved Snowman recruit customers

I have studied sculpture, so there is a certain basis for snow. Every winter, I have to be in front of the supermarket carved a few snowman. I >

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