The charm of the original article makes me more confident

often go to A5 to read articles, listen to predecessors say, site content to original, in A5 hair article more original. Long ago wanted to send an article in A5, but they are very vegetables, do not know what to write, yesterday, idle nothing on their original, an article on the A5, The left in my QQ group, someone with the group yesterday evening, said he was to see my article in the A5 this morning, there are several add group, I have more than 20 websites my article on Baidu search, the first time such a big harvest (my rookie, you don’t laugh, so happy ah!).

is an original article, very easy to be included, by the search engine to the front row, if your site has a large number of original articles, then the search engine will put your site weight mentioned is very high, so as to get good rankings. Update the content of any webmaster should be very simple, but rookie webmaster and master webmaster or differentiated, the old owners understand the SEO to update the content they will deliberately to improve a keyword ranking, and our rookie webmaster without the consciousness, do not have this technology, so as long as you do? The content is original, relevant to your website theme. Update every day, let the search engine bit by bit included, and gradually improve the weight of your web site, then your ranking will gradually rely on. As for the website updates what kind of content, the site how often updated, website update depth, these problems depend on our slowly to learn, to accumulate experience.

some people say that where there is so much time to write, ah, the others have been changed, pseudo original can also ah, but also can save a lot of time. To do pseudo original, to have technology ah, search engines will identify pseudo original. If you just to temporarily bring big flow, then you can try, search engines will reduce your collection, reduce your weight. Search engine to judge whether a website is original or not, the article is mainly from the following aspects to decide:

1. article modification degree

2, spider crawl date

3, the number of pages outside the chain

to do pseudo original, you must know a few of the above. Or suggest that you do more originality, especially the rookie like me, A5 is a very good place to learn, the articles here are original. I’m a rookie, Xiao Jing, QQ:358821890, I’m a great cook. And share your experience, I hope you like it. Welcome to my group study and exchange. QQ group: 63280475

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