Some webmaster must use tools

to better understand the dynamic website, webmaster tools are essential to the webmaster do stand when the assistant, use them, the webmaster can always pay attention to the dynamic website development, a more accurate understanding of the site situation.

from two years ago to do stand at the beginning, the author has been dealing with these webmaster tools, through the summary, is to share with you the following do station will use their gadgets, has the advantages of simple operation, query the contents of the features, can greatly save our precious time.

1, links query tool (


tool to detect content in addition to some of the basic situation of the network, such as: Baidu included the number of articles, the PR value, ALEXA rankings and other information, can be found in the other site is linked to this station, the other site included the number and ALEXA ranking details. Use this Links query tool, and the station can query the two-way link or reverse links, to clear on their website ranking adverse Links to query Links essential tools.

2 and Alexa world ranking query tool (


query content in addition to ranking, website ranking change, reverse link number etc., mainly in a period of time (including the day, a week or longer) mainly changes in data and graph, with detailed data and image features, such as Alexa ranking query results, ranking it from yesterday a week, average three months, average and trend analysis of four numerical site traffic rank, number of visitors per million population, the average number of visitors to browse pages, allowing users to fully understand the site access situation.

this tool is the Alexa ranking query tool for all the most comprehensive and intuitive one, users can input their own website and the competitor website ranking comparison, clearly present their own website in what kind of position

3, online picture cutting tool (

upload pictures, the user can according to their own needs, reduce or enlarge the picture; can also add watermark function to the images, the maximum to prevent unauthorized use of images, but also to identify the functions of image; the user to add text on the picture, can directly click a picture, you can see a "add text" button, click add.


tools simplify or simplify the image, similar to the "online Photoshop", the effect of production is similar to professional mapping software, but the operation is much easier.

4 and SEO search comprehensive evaluation (

this tool can find the following: domain name, age, Google Page >

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