What investments should be made to make a website

people have no shortage of instant success. Maybe you want to do a station now, rent a space, buy a domain name, and set up a program, that’s up. Then, update, optimize and promote.

, here’s a reminder that you want to run a website and consider the following questions:

1. website server space selection

not cheaper, a few cents one trillion space grab. That space is mostly hundreds of stations together. Are static website is OK, if it is not accurate algorithm garbage station, often play dead cycle that crashed the server. And others are doing pornography, reactionary, seized you suffer the server. Pick the door upright, pick the good reputation of the service provider.Admin5 I tried, very convenient to buy server

2. domain name registration

believes that the domain name registration and many people were caught in JS. What is not cheaper. A lot of domain name registration business in order to let you into the sack, the first year may charge you 10 yuan fee, then the nightmare begins. When you have the domain name value, how much he loves you because. The registration information is out of his domain. Do you want to let him continue to manipulate you?, can give money. Admin5. The domain name registration is completely fill in their information, and we pay more attention to the free conversion. This is guaranteed.

The idea of

3. site

is creative. If you are not creative, indiscriminately engage in a beautiful picture network, mobile phone ringtones, small customers to sell the Shandong pie… These are like street. Your customers to buy to buy other people have what difference, this time to buy you, next time don’t remember you. So you the website should have a distinct personality, according to my experience. The professional website is relatively easy to do, which is " the vertical web site " " industry website ". For example, a novel; you have to make people do not have to put something out in the most obvious location, others see you remember.

4. interface design

Chinese, alas. Fancy, beautiful to describe most of the site is not China. Visitors for the website like his girlfriend, certainly hope she is pretty, want her makeup. But you know, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, she is a makeup, you bear it. Meaning that everyone easily fatigued. You will say your website design more insightful, is for everyone to see. Just want to throw a word to you, your this insightful style, I want to have dozens of times a day..

5. website quality

not cheaper… In the forum of 10 yuan, 100 yuan to close a full-featured, strict procedures and so on.. many of the advantages of no shortcoming of the source code. Then the assembly will open out. Wake up, those low program itself is not the problem. The problem is that if your site and.

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