Planning and operation of County Gate Station

is now the local portal site by many webmaster’s favor, a lot of people do adorable portal station idea, however, the specific implementation and feel difficult, some midway ran aground, some websites set up has been in a state of "half-dead". Here I talk about the local county station operations and planning, because now the big city portal station has been difficult to participate in grassroots webmaster, relatively speaking, although most of the county city has portal, but the current station is not professional portal or heart is not enough and the existence of such problems, therefore, the operation of portal station to succeed, there are many examples have been A5, some owners even no team one was the county portal to do so, full of sound and colour, grassroots webmaster how to do the


1. program selects

Select the appropriate

build portal site program is particularly important, because the portal with common portal, first of all, we have lots of money in general does not; secondly, our team could not many; third, special County site, not a very wide audience. That is more than three of the county portal channel must fine and fine, refers to the website channel can not be too much, too much to take care of the county and prosperity determines many channels that we don’t need, quasi refers to the website owned channel must meet the needs of the public, rather than chicken ribs. The author found that the general portal program does not fit our needs, looking at too many channels is not simple and not practical, so when the purchase of the station program must choose their DIY, make the page look fresh and concise.

2. content construction


portal to provide content according to the local needs of Internet users, the general can do a survey among your friends around, what information they need, and then decide what statistics section on the website. In general, the county gate is essential for real estate and job search channels, the author of the survey found that the two categories of information is the largest number of Internet users click. In addition, according to the needs of local Internet users to open convenient telephone and shops, streets and other sections, for Internet users to buy things and daily life convenient.


portal is essential depends on a site stickiness is the local forum, the forum section must be thoughtful, can see what their other local forum forum is popular, combined with the actual add corresponding section. It is worth noting here is a hot section of the building cannot do without careful planning and implementation of moderator and webmaster, using a large number of the vest is a good method to create links, users are familiar with the forum, also had a feeling about this place, they will often come to "hang out".

3. website promotion

website built up, the content is rich, and the rest is promotion. The promotion of county-level portal is very simple and does not cost much

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