For the website Baidu included insights and death

I used to be a foreign space, but IP recently blocked badly, don’t, he is stingy, reluctant to spend money to buy independent IP, only his own website move back from abroad, when doing the best is the first page keyword, not what the essence content of the site, so… To eke out a period of time IP was blocked up! (IP was not my website, my station is not illegal!) before GOOGLE and Baidu on my station is good, has included, basically okay, but after IP time…. About 20 days or so before I moved to china. Used to do is change to the domestic blog, CMS is used, but a start has been gathering, to the last GOOGLE I received more than 300, Baidu snapshot direct me to K! For a renewal after station did not cry to death last night, finally determined to do things, to the webmaster the master station found that China are many are here! (even if not now will must be!) this time it was discovered that the original deal with these things must work to produce results, check the death of yesterday… More than 20+ chain, is believed to be finished today, with the time of day, to change a program, a busy day, now finally ready, these days I will update every day, is a small test, starting from the Baidu page without changing the program every day, today how long will it take to be updated, calculate Baidu left me, and everyone will see me! Sorry, bother you time! But I have something to say, just feel comfortable, contact the network every day people have no friends, it is not the way! (every day on a computer, hard and lonely only we can understand each other!) I can be misunderstood, but I can’t stand nobody understand me!

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