ndividual stationmaster relies on network pioneering work why is it difficult to succeed

I believe that, in the webmaster this business on the road, really like Cai Wensheng, Li Xingping and Wang figure such as personal webmaster or minority after all, and that "to be a successful webmaster tired people have accounted for a large proportion of. So, today, I have devoted to this "personal grassroots webmaster why it is difficult to succeed" problem, and we have a simple discussion.

I think the reason why it is difficult for the grassroots webmaster to succeed is that there are several aspects:

It is a

, personal Adsense online business environment is too loose, no pressure, a cable to a computer, a chair OK! So, the webmaster often completely rely on self-control to push yourself forward, this might be the main reason resulting in the webmaster online business to the success of many webmaster? Stay at home to do full-time network entrepreneurs or at work part-time on the network to the enterprise, less contact with the outside world, to face the crisis of survival is not directly as the real reality of the business, all kinds of pressure on the outside is not too sensitive. So, it is easy to cause relaxation, it is not easy to form a kind of atmosphere force yourself to make efforts. This is a webmaster online business is difficult to succeed a big reason. Because most of the webmaster do not to be able to do most of their website, that is to say there are few long-term and regular planning and business plan perfect! But earn a little bit of mind, one day earn 10 knife, even

very satisfied!

I have a friend to do others in an Internet company, own a few Amateur Station, $more than 2 thousand a month! Feel more N times than wages and work pressure also feel great, at the same time, they feel that they rely on the website to independence to entrepreneurship, more time and energy than now earn more! So, quit their own independence. But there is no independent months told me not to be able to do, because too dependent on the network or do not have their own specific services and the core of things, Baidu drop right, IP down, facing the next is income not decline, so as not to know your next step how to walk. This is the result of too much satisfaction without immediate planning and eventual failure,

second, personal Adsense, online business costs too low. A space, a domain name, a program, or even do not pay for the program development, the next CMS will fix! Low cost, which means the entry threshold is low, so, who can get into it; and the people, naturally fierce competition; at the same time, low cost. The risk is naturally low, and a low risk, often exit barriers are low, it is easy to quit, for instance! Do some web sites in addition to the server, domain name, Internet, basically personal webmaster online online business will cost about so much, even more owners have their own server, only a virtual space, if the day was a month income, the GG has a thousand knives, I think most of the webmaster are floating up. It’s so easy to want to make money on this site, and want to quit

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