The important thing to do is to have confidence and courage

world financial network, since its birth, has been controversial in its own career. Lin also had less founder can not find the value recognition and distress, but now he is no longer worried about it, "the mouth in others, we listen to what others say on the line. There are always two sides to everything. I want you to see the sunny side of things."

Lin less: the world financial network editor, who worked at the world’s top 500 ABB, Goldman Sachs, good at financial occupation career planning, analysis of the development status and the potential of the financial industry by financial institutions post analysis, at the Xiamen University, Fudan University; college students occupation planning seminar held in Beijing, Shanghai, organizing and planning; Wuhan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, the financial community meeting……

at the University, students encountered a few micro finance, good teachers and helpful friends, was deeply influenced by culture of financial hot love, and good at web design and website operation, remember that in 2004 the financial pro forma graduate exams that can not find the relevant test data to do a financial – postgraduate entrance exam I believe in the financial network, the entrance exam previous research friends all know this site, then than now better mentality, pure is the collection of data, willing to share love, so has been well received by financial PubMed friends, although the location of very small areas, but traffic is best when 3000IP, Baidu and Google Advertising Alliance debut I would have applied, first form of advertising is very suitable for me, every month can receive 2-3K, an average Union gave me more than 1000 yuan, remember to take The expression to the dollar is more exciting than getting rmb.

later graduated, want to work, the training institutions selling it to a financial, but before selling the world financial network framework and platform has been set up, the flow is also up, is another way to find yourself.


runs the site just in time to catch up with the financial boom, a popular way to support 10000IP, also experienced a roller coaster, the advent of the financial crisis, the lack of popularity, coupled with the change to the discuz system and dedecms, traffic was down to 1000IP, but it is important for you to have confidence and courage to continue.

is currently the world’s four largest financial network behind the channel (CNBC financial channel; qualification examination; financial papers; financial section channel), whether popularity or reputation are steadily improving, at present Google PR checked today is 5, it is of little comfort yourself oh.

‘s own original manuscript began to Phoenix finance, financial NetEase, China financial network, well-known financial media SEEC network accepted.

world financial network, slowly from unknown to gradually known to everyone, I hope that in the future it can be a financial benchmark brand.

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