New station was quickly included a little experience

The new

Baidu included generally 10-20 days, it is most likely the webmaster all know! How to speed up the speed of the collection, this may be all together in research content! I took his station by Baidu three days included a little experience to take out and share with everyone! Right or not

, welcome to discuss!The

station is included, is a very simple method, most people may have been used, but here I used a little trick, do not know the others used the original no, haven’t seen this experience! What tricks? You may have been anxious, call me how such nonsense here! Put skills to speak out, then slowly back to explain! Trick is time difference


promotion method is nothing more than the original people say that, here is not to say more, I use the blog!


, domain name registration, first choose one of their love of the domain name, some people say that the COM domain name included fast, I beg to differ, because I said this domain name is CN, I feel no matter COM or CN domain name search engine, although there were some differences but little, and this not included the speed of

!The second step is to find the space and

program! There is a problem, there must be a free space to send three domain (why later) program! I used DEDECMS, because the DEDE is for the first time, templates have not changed, just put up

!Third step

add the content of the website, here we must note, don’t put the top new name to your space, or domain name in there, if the analysis is not analytic, there is no time difference between this concept! Add website content on space to send the three domain names do add content not too little, each column must have some content! Home contents, not an empty column


fourth registered several blogs, this blog to some of the website to register, if small website Baidu included may slow, I registered blog is Baidu, Sina and Zhongguancun online, the registration is not more than

!Fifth step

to write original articles! What is original? Is that others did not write, do not take someone wrote the article to change, what pseudo original, I feel no meaning! Original is someone else did not write, you might say never too soft, how do ah! It is more to say, never don’t write too soft, you can talk on the line, just write your own feelings, even if you don’t write the word also does not matter! Couldn’t write the words poured into the original article!! your website in the original article with domain name, link

!Sixth step

to view your blog is included in Baidu! How? Just check your promotion domain name is the reverse link domain:! Add your domain name! If not, that your blog is not included, but also continue to write original articles in general website >!

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