The importance of background design in website construction and related train of thought

How important is the background of the

site and how to design it correctly? It’s very learned and even more difficult than writing a web site in code. The background of a website is like the walls and floors of a room, affecting the visitor’s image". The right background design can reflect the value of a website, and it can attract people. The background represents the tone of the whole website. Visitors can make a good impression on a website from the background. If you often visit and pay attention to other people’s Web site, you will find the website design background of all kinds, what is the style of design and how to design it? The Internet XinDa Beijing website construction company personnel to your summary of the specific design ideas.

what kind of background is suitable for your website,


it’s wrong for many people to choose the site background, or blind, or even random choice, depending on their preferences. There’s no principle about what kind of background fits your site, but there are some common elements that need attention.

first of all, the content of the website design should be purposeful. What is the purpose? Simply, and background to your brand, your company culture and product features consistent style to be consistent, not one hundred and eight thousand of the difference, such as the website shows the product is healthy green weight class, so you can not use the background of red and purple background.

secondly, the background information of the website should be communicated clearly, clearly and quickly. The text on the background is easy to read, regardless of color, contrast or size. The background theme is consistent with the site. If the content is not clear and the background is loading fast, don’t let the background affect the visitor’s browsing.

What is the popular trend of

website design,


, like clothes and hairstyles, has a changing design style and a change in the background. For example, many websites use the first screen big picture design, using some clear and realistic photos or illustrations to make the background, or some abstract, large size and unreal blurred images.

color background is also very common, usually in strong, dense colors as the background, rarely seen black and white blocks. Color design can better highlight the content of the site from the background. In addition, the design of patterns and textures, some web sites in the background with large blocks of patterns, large patterns and low contrast content can bring a more subtle feeling. Subtle textures also add a touch of realism to the design.

common website construction, what are the background design ideas, probably have these, when doing web site, you can refer to the above ideas.

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