PPC, false advertising, who is responsible

core tip: Once upon a time, the search for PPC has become the most profitable domestic profit model; once upon a time, competitive ranking has become the first use of fraud tools. More and more people are being cheated. Who is responsible for this,


, let’s take a look at the PPC definition: "it’s a way to promote Internet sales by effect.". With a small amount of input, it can bring a large number of potential customers to enterprises, and effectively enhance sales and brand awareness.

in the past few years, based on this model, Baidu has become the largest Internet Co in Chinese, at the same time, many enterprises through the network marketing amount of PPC will repeatedly upgrade, more is the grassroots webmaster, Taobao and so on have an advertising opportunity. It is for the entire development of the Internet made distinctions won in battle.

but I do not know the content is no longer for only a short while ago, so pure, as everyone knows the hot keyword prices are very high, and the product profit is very high, this is because the ninety percent off two years of prepaid card advertising cheated tens of thousands of, the major media have reported the cheap prepaid card event is a scam, I used the Google search: recharge card scam, there are 109000 results. Figure 1:



so so many people cheated, PPC in other plays what role? What is the "contribution" and the major search portals? Let’s take a look at our national enterprises: Baidu search results, please see the screenshot below:



from the figure above you can see, Baidu search "recharge card" this keyword, in front of a full page is ninety percent off prepaid card bidding results, the right side of the hot zone is also entirely related to this content.

below, please look at Google’s performance:


as the world’s largest search engine, not behind Baidu, there are three sponsored links are also in front of ninety percent off prepaid card business, but fortunately in the nature of the search results and news reports said the scam words, some people may see the advertising on the heart, and then see the following news will a little consideration, but from the second pictures above we can see that the keyword bid is two pages long.

this picture below, we can see: Tencent home page, you can see I use the black box to the content: Ninety percent off, merchants


in such a small home, focus on the recommendation above, you can see that there are two ninety percent off merchants recharge card advertising, then what is specific? We click in

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