From the dry to cool, a webmaster perception

most basic do Wangzhuan have experienced the following process, the beginning don’t believe —> Wangzhuan see others account; single skeptical —> try to do —> yourself; looking for traffic, click —> find quickly get money; —> website by K—> then the beginning of week and station etc..

every webmaster psychology is very understand, do stand is the hard truth, cheating is not promising, but there are always a number of floating people want to get rich quick dry, dry a Semitic, undeniable early do Adsense really earn a lot of money. Where did I start?.

think that year just started a CPC, which is quite good, do a dumpster, a IP click hundreds of times as rich, such an abnormal pattern must not far away, we have found that good money earned, more and more people join Wangzhuan, advertising alliance is not at the same time a fool, but also improve the anti cheating level, so only not too greedy can also earn some money.

, when there are many clicks on the world software, such as: CashClick, Muzi, MOMO, micro equality. I believe cheating a friend will not feel strange, I also like to click on the software every day VIP renewals, everywhere to buy traffic, every day to buy the source station, busy, until all ads are K light, everything went back to the origin. As a warning for the future, I don’t want to go on like this, only to do stand is the kingly way this is every station are aware of, but some people do not want to do it, because he wanted to do to earn a few money to meet.

I consulted with my friend again and again, and resolutely decided to throw away all the work I had already done, and decided to change my face and redo the station. About three months has been looking for a new entrance point, finally we think TAOBAO there are many businesses in the N above, many people buy things, we will get the food (because I love delicacy) so we do it an ordering of the web site. About the function can help users make a reservation, online ordering, takeout etc..

and so on when we are happy, to BAIDU on a search, in fact, this idea already has, regardless of, anyway, Suzhou has not yet, we will do in Suzhou. Name directly loud point, called "Suzhou reservation network", registered domain name:

512 is the area code of Suzhou, and DCW is the first letter of the Pinyin of the reservation network. Actually, this domain name is a bit long, but I haven’t found a better one. That’s it, and it’s been used so far.

just started building, pain is the data problem, this can not help us, online looking for some businesses, data or yes. And then write a program to pour, and soon a station to get out, the most difficult is to cooperate with the restaurant, have a family to talk with the restaurant, it took us a lot of time, this can not help

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