Do you think your website is popular with Baidu

want to make your website as soon as possible so that Baidu and GOOGLE and other search engines included your web page, then you have to have a good rice. Now the rice from the previous year is the CN domain name starts with a yuan price, the emergence of a large number of registered CN domain name on the Internet, there have been a large number of spam sites, search engines started to CN the domain name of the site the threshold is more and more high, more and more demanding, so your site is best to use a COM domain name. I was in the rice suffered before realized, such as software alliance, dog download network, simple download network and so on are belong to such a situation.

then there is, I do not know you found no, cool 6 net was included in the Baidu about thirty million pages, why is this so? Is it cool 6 traffic, cool 6 information good, or other


I do not know you have not thought about it? In fact, say we all know, is usually not how to pay attention to it, many see it xianguaibuguai. In fact, each site as long as you are included in the search engine website, then your column is more and more to go, the search engine will still keep your column page all included, but can not see other content pages all included Oh, not all, most included, for many web sites that is very difficult, on the IP traffic or how most of the sites are at about one thousand. Right,


and his cool 6 smart is here, all the pages of his is a separate column, you said that the search engine can not included in his column? If you understand the program, understand the development of the system, you should now know how to do, how to make the search engine all your pages are included to give a hand.

on such a basis, coupled with the search engine optimization processing, then your every page in the search results will be ranked by the front, then your site traffic is not easy. With traffic, are you still worried that you won’t make money for advertisers?

act immediately, put your website program to modify it, you will immediately feel the effect, is really Oh, everyone around me is already in use, the effect is very obvious, so we introduce to you, please don’t miss

source: software download alliance

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