Google knows technology better, and Baidu knows Chinese better

    I made a stand on the night of August 5, 2008, carried on the experiment of SEO, the website is:, then many stationmaster replies, it is best to make a summary. Thank you very much for the fish that won’t swim in this forum. I’ve been posting more than the editor’s time. When he contacted him, he added something for me personally. The outdated post is no longer edited (I don’t want to bother with fish), and send this article here as the final summary of the last SEO experiment. Thanks also to Admin5 editors for their support.

last SEO experiment meets the following conditions

1 server stable, this server, I have hung the highest daily flow of 5000ip site, no problems. And it’s double string.

2 domain name not because SEO was K.

3 do new sites, all the experimental Baidu, valley elder brother, YAHOO and so did not include a page.


4 site is updated frequently. Update more than four or five times a week.

5 content is not machine acquisition, it is manually collected and modified to be put on the website.

6 doesn’t do SEO for cheating.

those days, the work of the Olympic Games company was not busy, so we made a website. Did a website, the website is concerned with the content of Taobao website. Over the weekend, I wrote an opinion about making money on this website and bring

links to this site and sends it behind the times and admin5. Well, has brought a total of nearly 1000IP visitors to the

article by some webmaster forums and websites are later had the chain, then went on to do this SEO experiment. experiment using the site’s chain is from here.

from this experiment, I came up with the following conclusions. I think many webmasters who are concerned about the small experiment already have their own opinions. I’ll mention a few points here.

1, first of all, we compare search technology, so far. Youdao not included, included other have been included. This domain name is an old domain name, not a new domain, and now there are no 100 external chains on the internet. From this point of view, the proper search technology level is the worst, because it can not grab the content in time, so the webmaster should be able to pay attention to its dynamics, not much value. In other sites updated, the fastest 2 days of Columbia included, and then YAHOO, Sun Wukong, these two sites, about one week included, followed by Baidu 2 weeks included, Sogou about 3 weeks included.

The update technology of

2 search. Sun Wukong worst, included to now have not updated to do, included page also hung a gg>

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