Regular filing late when the problem for the end of the record


website has always been an invisible killer related to the fate of its Web site, and every day a large number of websites have been forced to shut down because of the cancellation of the record number. Even under the white list system of the Ministry of industry, none of the websites that have been filed can be analyzed and even blocked by search engines. Thus, the "fast filing" channel is derived. Although the Ministry has repeatedly stressed that there is no rapid record of existence, but finally chose the default. However, what is the rapid filing brought about? Formal filing requires photo authentication, and fast record does not need, many record providers are still under the banner of "formal filing" banner. Even do not need space access providers, thus, even through the record review, then the site is still in the "gray" unsafe zone, there is always canceled the record number again. Money spent is still uncertain. Thus, when the rapid filing of the end of the round at the same time, see more formal record is long overdue.


The impact of

cancellation on the website

cannot receive any advance notice and the record number is cancelled. What follows is the normal operation of the space shutdown site, waiting for the record number. However, if through the formal filing process, step by step to submit information for the record, less than half a month may be the next number, more than one month may still be missing. Even to the Ministry, 20 days to complete the entire audit process, but 20 days means what? A website closed 20 days later, I think even if the normal operation, ranking has long been flying thousands of miles away. Moreover, the development of the site depends on traffic, if you wait for the record of the long review, the final access is undoubtedly "search engine" drop power, reduce customer loyalty". So, the stationmaster can’t hurt. Even now there are a large number of gray record number, access providers completely wrong road situation, the webmaster can only scalp top, pray not to be canceled for record number. In fact, if you can correct the subject information, allowing the site to run normally during the filing period, the "gray record" situation will be greatly reduced. As a result, the webmaster initiative to cancel the record filing number of gray change, and not all need to panic live more, the Ministry of labour.

records were canceled, who achieved


for a period of time, "fast record" on the stage of Baidu promotion, in the face of a large number of record numbers need to be renewed in the form of rapid record, to a thriving development. However, the Ministry strongly denied the existence of "fast filing" channel disappeared. But recently, the search for "website quick filing", the results continue to be pushed onto the search stage. However, this is the Ministry website for a free service in the "quick record" was clearly marked in accordance with the record under different time, by filing service trademark from more than 100 starts to up to hundreds of yuan price. The fast filing cycle: slow one week, fast 3 hours, the next fast. It can be said that the more the website has been written off, >

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