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43 women on the list of rich wealth rose, 33 wealth has shrunk or remained unchanged. Another 12 new people on the list, the most dazzling performance is the United States NFL San Francisco 49 team owner Denis • York, as well as car distribution giant Gail · Miller.

source: TechCrunch


there are 45 people aged 10 and under. Hangzhou handing on Yu Wu Yan became the youngest female billionaires on the list, only 36 years old; followed by STO at the age of 41, Chen Xiaoying and Chen Liying reached the age of 42.

report released "2017 Hurun global rich list" start empty-handed woman, Queen Chen Lihua in 50 billion 500 million Beijing real estate wealth aspirations to the world’s richest women start empty-handed, blue Synopsys in 42 billion 500 million weeks to ranked second.


comes from 12 countries, 88 women from the world’s self-made $one billion list. Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said: "we each find a start empty-handed female billionaires, means one or more of a fish escaped through the seine. I guarantee that the world today has at least 200 women from rags to riches one billion dollars."

Unpakt lists 100 moving companies in 15 American cities, recommends nearby businesses according to their geographical location, and lists prices and comments in detail. Its profit model, of course, is the Commission, and its biggest highlight is to make the previously opaque industry accelerate competition.

TechWeb reported on March 8th news, the latest Hurun Report said, in the global total of $one billion to find 88 start empty-handed female billionaires, in terms of the number Chinese, accounting for 2/3 of the world, the United States and Britain followed; the blue Synopsys Qunfei week ranked second, in addition, STO 4 Chen Xiaoying Chen Liying is also on the list and rhyme.

Unpakt opened its test in New York last July and has now covered many big cities in the United states. The introduction of TechCrunch may attract investors’ attention for the new company.

this list of self-made rich women, the total wealth of 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan. 67% of the list of women’s wealth comes from the shares of their listed companies. small peak

self-made women’s rich list released: Shen Tong, Chen Xiaoying, rhyme Chen Liying list


technology, media and telecommunications industry, the birth of 13 self-made rich women, ranked first. Manufacturing and retailing followed by 11 people. In the distribution of the 2017 Hurun global rich overall standings in the industry, is the investment and the real estate industry in third, fourth.


Unpack provides services for individuals and businesses, moving users, and provides network support for moving companies, such as copywriting and SEO. This is another fantastic attempt to link traditional industries to the internet.

China was born 56 women from rags to riches one billion, ranked first, accounting for 64% of the world. The United States ranks 15 in second place, and Britain third in the United states.

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