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billion euros net is one of the fastest growing new media company in recent years influence, the published data show that as of the end of February 2016, million European network of more than 2 million registered users, more than 5 million monthly visitors, ranked in the forefront in the field of new media. Since its establishment, the cumulative number of Internet companies reported more than 5000 Internet start-ups, more than 200 projects because of billion European network reports and services docking, and ultimately access to financing.


          integrated station have seen a lot of personal business, the interface is very atmospheric, hundreds of columns, Sina seems to want to do second. But its content, but found that it is copied from other stations; access to its statistics, but also found that only a few days from the search engine to find a few people. No words, no words.

      person to run large and complete content, to do a nationwide station, does not have any resources, capital and human resources, on the contrary, if join the local characteristics of the site, the king will be hidden but beautiful spot.

      compared to the national integrated station, the local characteristic website has three advantages. First, the content advantage. Local featured websites are mainly local content. These things come from around you, so you can grasp it more intuitively and vividly. Two is to promote advantages. Local feature sites are limited to a particular geographical location. In this particular region, the cost of promotion is far smaller than that of the whole country. Posters, organizing campaigns, public relations, local news media are very easy to handle, low cut effect, obvious publicity methods. Three, dip advantage. Local feature websites are all about local residents. There is a new hot pot shop, where the food is best to eat, where the price of selling the most generous, are local residents talk about things. With the interaction between visitors, the stickiness of the site will be greatly improved. Four is a profit advantage. The website interaction is strong, the product popularity comes up, careful merchant certainly won’t miss you. Because a prominent advertising recommendation, a well intentioned guide, to bring him real gold, silver.

      Ctrip launched Ctrip card is also worth building local characteristics of the site’s webmaster learning. If we can establish partnerships with local businesses such as some of the characteristics of your site as they bring their customers, for you to the station with the implementation of consumer, customer discount then you will gain popularity while for other business cooperation costs.

The activities of

today, Internet plus new media and research institutions billion euros net confirmation of foreign access to tens of millions of yuan A+ round of financing, led Party voted for the spectacular wanglian’s well-known fund Shengjing Jiacheng, A round of investment capital and Joe Jing Gao Rong capital with the cast, iterative capital based in Hangzhou also participated in the investment. After the round of financing, the value of nearly one billion euros network of nearly 200 million yuan, China’s new media sector has become one of the companies sought after by capital.

billion euros net in the line of strong features, in 2015, more than three billion euros net held 1000 people meeting in Beijing, held in nearly 20 other city more than 40 line forum or the line salon, attracting a large number of Internet entrepreneurs and the transformation of the Internet for traditional the person in charge of the enterprise participation. Unlike general activity, most of the activities billion euros net charge entry fees; billion euros net official revealed that the year 2015, billion euros net official platform sold nearly 10000 tickets, more than 80% tickets for more than the person in charge of the enterprise director level.

Huang Yuanpu believes that the influence of the media depends not only on online traffic, whether has the appeal of the line is more important indicators; and whether based on media influence to establish a new business model, depends on whether the media affect people with precision, the population size is large enough, and whether people have the ability to buy. Huang Yuanpu introduction, billion European network accurately affect the Internet origin entrepreneurs and traditional enterprises inside the Internet to turn

million European network created by Huang Yuanpu, Wang Bin and Zhang Jiawei three; Huang Yuanpu is the founder of the early advocates and promoters of new business China Internet plus, 2009 in 2011 to enter the B2C field of foreign trade business, iResearch group as Internet analyst, China is the first O2O report "2011-2012 China local life service O2O Market Research Report" and the O2O report "2012-2013 Chinese food catering industry development report" of the author O2O.

million European Network on February 2014 on the line, starting early in O2O, with the 2015 "Internet plus" concept of hot and rapid rise to the second half of 2015, has grown into one of the most important platform for domestic Internet business reports. Meanwhile, the billion European network to spend a lot of energy attention to traditional industrial innovation, is the traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading of the Internet’s first learning platform.

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