Will this be KOn the eve of Baoqiang Wang’s marriage change of equity. What are the implications for

be given to K by GG?


screenshot of changes in equity in March 25, 2016

so far, after the good street 0 small comb, people focus on the theme focus on three points: one is the company equity change; two is an affair; three is paternity is Baoqiang Wang own. As the venture capital of new media, "good Street No. 0" from the "hope of change of equity" point of view to tease out the event development, and summed up the value of information revelation of entrepreneurs.

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18 hours of GG revenue,   267 IP, 300 pv

on August 14th morning, Baoqiang Wang released a divorce statement through personal micro-blog, claiming that because of his wife Ma Rong and broker Song Zhe derailed, solemnly lifting ties with Ma rong. Meanwhile, lift Song Zhe’s job as a broker. A thousand waves at a time. The whole micro-blog social scene is like boiling water up to 100 degrees Celsius. It’s boiling. Baoqiang Wang personal micro-blog review instant instant. As of press time, micro-blog review has been close to 2 million, the number of forwarding has exceeded 600 thousand.

Abstract: a well-known lawyer Yunting said: Baoqiang Wang was the transfer of the ownership is significant, although in theory, Baoqiang Wang in the marital property acquired during the period belong to the common property, common property should be one half.

a month later, in April 19th, the company’s equity changed again



Baoqiang Wang’s marriage events continue to ferment. From the entertainment sector to the financial circle, and now to the venture capital circle. It can be said that no one does not talk, no one does not forward, no one does not pay attention. It seems that everyone in each circle seems to want something from the event to satisfy his curiosity.

China "business daily" reported that in March 25, 2016, Bao Yirong pictures had been a change of equity, in the equity change, which holds 75% stake in the company of Ma Rong, in the equity change after the proportion of 0%, 0% stake originally Baoqiang Wang to hold 62% of the shares, the original stock of Baoqiang Wang the former agent 0% to 13% song zhe. The company’s other 25% stake holders Baoqiang Wang, the current broker Ren Xiaoyan, in the equity change did not show that the proportion of shares made changes.

certification, Ma Rong Bao Yirong pictures president, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, this was originally in the mouth of Baoqiang Wang called "the shop" Beijing Bao Yirong Film Co., Ltd. legal representative is Ma Rong, the original shareholders of Ma Rong and Baoqiang Wang current agent Ren Xiaoyan, Ma Rong invested 15 million yuan, Ren Xiaoyan invested 5 million yuan.

  Web page display times, hits, web hits, web pages, eCPM revenue, AdSense content ads, 2787426.62%, US$6.73, US$1.87,

According to the micro-blog

it is worth noting that, before the release of a statement of divorce in Baoqiang Wang, the Company Bao Yirong films on has been two equity transfer, Baoqiang Wang eventually become treasure pictures only Yirong natural person shareholder, presumably, Baoqiang Wang should be to his wife derailed already knows.

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