The birth of a super P Ten reading, 15 million fans and content entrepreneurship dreamToo many savv

in addition to reading, Lin less frequent frequency, not in the Internet forum, has been a forum moderator, play in the community

, "the forefront of entrepreneurship," can not help wondering: since the beginning of creation, so far has never encountered a bottleneck?

little Lin said frankly: "sometimes I just can’t control the strength of their contests." Some of the team’s little partners will also be scared by the severity of his show.

he first met Wu Xiaobo, asked about the situation when the shy team replied, only his wife, his brother-in-law and his three. But in the end, he got the first financing.

since childhood, Lin has loved reading. During college, he Huang Yi’s "search Qin Ji" and "twin" put it down; because the venture’s sake, "fell from 0 to 1" and "difficult"; and "Jobs" now he regarded as the most interesting literary works, if Jobs is still alive. I believe he must try to meet their idols.

is also a practical personality let Lin less "ten point reading" maintained an enviable pace of development: from the new attention every day tens of thousands to 8 tweets all 100000+, seems to go so smooth.

Abstract: at first, reading at ten was a hobby. It was called a daily book recommendation". He insisted on updating after work, slowly accumulating the first batch of fans, and recruited the first employee: his wife. When he first met Wu Xiaobo and was asked about the team’s condition, he was very shy: only he was three. But he still got the financing.

Lin talked less refined appearance, but when it comes to work, amiable and easy of approach, immediately get serious, the room can obviously feel a hint of tension.


in the beginning, "ten point reading" just a little hobby Lin, then it is called the "daily recommended books", Lin less for most of the day in work by after work to follow the prescribed order, update slowly accumulate the first batch of fans. Then he recruited his first employee, his wife.

originally his work and learning of professional counterparts, relatively stable, can always insist on reading at ten, purely because: interest. Interest in writing and sharing literature, interest in China’s Internet industry.

today, see a friend blue ideal forum turn inside a write hao123 article unintentionally, many of them engage in technology special friends do not understand hao123 so bad website how to make money and made many let me feel ridiculous guess. Here I talk about network money and technical problems:

First talk about the

the article "I wrote last year’s NB China website hao123", referred to the hao123 monthly income of more than one million. Never boast of that time, and its income mainly depends on the following aspects:

263 charge box Alliance: the monthly income is about 100 thousand.

eBay eBay advertising alliance: up to the hao123 website, the income will not be much less than the Tom SMS

In addition

he smiled and said, "no.."

gentle appearance, but very seriously tempered boss

two couples with love made from scratch, and now fans exceeded 15 million, the content of audio traffic exceeded 400 million times, the content of pay channel nearly 300 thousand subscribers, water 30 million, close to 400 million of the valuation among the new media industry pointed Pyramid. Today, he visited the forefront of entrepreneurship and shared his story for content entrepreneurs. He was the founder of "ten reading" – Lin shao.

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