Then this sh419 alliance and shlf1314 alliance AdsensePersonal website promotion

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

    do shlf1314 Adsense fast one year, sh419 Alliance theme promotion also has a few days. Wind memories here, in detail the two largest domestic web site alliance.

      9. currency; sh419 is RMB settlement; shlf1314 is us dollars.

      1. application conditions: now two basic almost, sh419 lower theme promotion application conditions, basically, and Adsense, can pass.
shlf1314 Adsense applications. sh419 Alliance for union.sh419

personal website is a familiar word. A personal web site in Chinese not millions today, although we are not said to mingheli to do personal website, but there is no doubt that their websites are more people know, more and more people appreciate, is all the expectations of webmaster, after all this is where people can meet the deep inner sense of achievement. So how to promote their personal website, use what method, let oneself site name is more people know, is the webmaster concerned about things. This article will tell you these.

1. to register the site search engine

when browsing the web browser in the upper left corner of the title bar from the text, it is a website was the first visitors to see the information. At the same time, many search engines on the Internet automatically site search, the records include page title and keyword. Therefore, the title of the page for the promotion of the site and increase visitors to browse the site’s interest in a great help. The way to use page titles in a web page is as follows:

      5. tax: sh419 to deduct tax, personal tax is quite a lot. shlf1314 check collection now, not tax.

      6. payment methods: sh419 bank direct remittance, fast, the next month to account. shlf1314 to send a check, the collection is slow, to one month to the account money, collection requires 30-60 commission.


      3. hits: sh419 only shlf1314 of 1/5 to 1/10.; sh419’s CTR is generally no more than 0.3%; mine is 0.1%-0.2%. shlf1314 hits at 1%-3%. sh419 often appear public notice is one of the reasons, but also like a IP is only a valid click, as well as useful third statistics webmaster, allegedly sh419 buckle amount.

      4. unit price: almost the same, but the professional website and English shlf1314 unit price is much higher.

      8. advertising style: format a little sh419, written Miaohong, can put the "sh419 theme promotion" removed. Only search and theme promotion. shlf1314 light rich, there are pictures, as well as flash, products, search, content advertising, referrals. Recommend 2 products will be more and more.

      10. data: shlf1314 data is almost instantaneous; it’s fun; let you brush several times a day behind the scenes.

      2. content matching: shlf1314 is obviously better than sh419, sh419 often appear in public service ads, and public light is directed at sh419 know and encyclopedia. The accuracy of the shlf1314 match is also relatively high.

      7. reputation: sexual desire is very good,

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