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third, do stand, such as life. On the Internet, the importance of contacts, I will not repeat it here. On the Internet and in real life is the same, you play tricks on others, others can see, you sincerely treat people, and certainly there is a return, and others will certainly treat you sincerely. The knowledge on the Internet is endless. No one can say anything on my network. It’s impossible. The network is also more capable of experience, I think. The propaganda on the network is nothing less than your propaganda in real life. This is also the reason why the big media and the famous companies put much energy into the network. Online, we in the group, YY shared knowledge, everyone to contact is not the same, then we can complement each other, learn from each other, so progress quickly, also let oneself understand a basic understanding of a lot of knowledge, can be combined with the characteristics of their own resources to achieve the best allocation. State.

Jingdong has undergone four business strategy transformation: from offline to online, from the use of third party logistics to self built logistics, from the focus of 3C category to the whole category expansion, from self to the on-line third party open platform. Now, the Jingdong began the fifth transformation, that is, optimizing and improving the supply chain, to achieve overall expansion and overall upgrading, to create a new integrated electricity supplier empire.

in 1998, Liu Qiangdong in less than 20 thousand yuan in Zhongguancun 000931 rented a counter, set up Jingdong company, thus embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. In 2004, "SARS" has just passed, China’s e-commerce is still in the bud, Liu Qiangdong resolutely turn off the profits of the 12 offline entities, stores, completely transition to do electricity supplier, when sales of only 10 million yuan. After 9 years of development, to 2012 sales reached 73 billion 300 million yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 204%, and its high growth is obvious.

set up a scale of billions of enterprises, many China entrepreneurs can do it, but I’m afraid it is difficult to have second to 9 years are not profitable but still allows enterprises to maintain rapid growth.

Jingdong finally achieved meager profit in the first three quarters of 2013. In December 2013, travel and return 6 months lost 36 pounds of weight of Liu Qiangdong said that the large B2C ushered in a loss in the true sense, but in 2013 the overall completion of the annual strategic planning turnover has exceeded 100 billion yuan mark. In spite of the substantial losses in 2013 Jingdong suddenly veiled, also said to be IPO in order to give investors a nice coat". But in any case, achieving profitability in 2013 was of milestone importance, and indeed it was hard to come by.

Liu Qiangdong said, "you put your life into it. The bumps are really many. You will feel that life is being destroyed.". So it’s understandable that most people give up halfway. But the difference between a successful startup and a failed entrepreneur is persistence."

see this title, a lot of people know, what about the content of it, actually I also see a lot of articles about it, a lot, always do not want to write this, but still feel the need to give people new suggestions. First of all, Wangzhuan is possible, but also be able to earn their first bucket of gold on the network, but the site is not so easy, but sometimes it can be a bit tired. This is a big guy, tough. Often see online this month earn ten thousand yuan, that day earn one thousand. In fact, I think there is success, but more is not adhere to the end, and there is no way to find ways and no money.

Wen / Jun Consulting Group Senior Consultant Chen Wangnian

fourth. When appropriate, may wish to learn, to master learning, improve their cognitive ability. I see a lot of people on the Internet, a mention of the money, the money, they turned around, lest they leave it, his pocket money was cheated. In fact, I have not think so, I think our new, according to their own situation, learn more, of course, is also a self, but I think the best way to learn and master, learn their methods, is more important to study their thinking. Don’t leave as soon as you mention the charge. I don’t think anything is free now

secondly, the method is very important. I think some people great progress, some people find the right way, earned the money, they also have the confidence, and modeled on words, some can be harvested. Some people really after six months, still like that, or did not make money, and then discouraged. Wangzhuan is also on the accumulation, few people did not spend much time will become the Wangzhuan master. Through a lot of learning and practice to succeed, many new people, do a few days want to have how many achievements, see a few months or no progress, how many people have given up, I think there must be some. Every day dreaming to be a martial arts master, but is not practical, not to hone their ‘King’ like kung fu body, only some of the movie novel.

Liu Qiangdong has been to Amazon as a benchmark to develop Jingdong mall, although he is chasing Amazon’s whole category, powerful logistics, warehousing and so on, but many people still can not see Jingdong mall, like amazon. Senior Internet analyst Xie Wen believes that the biggest difference between Amazon and Jingdong: "the former is a Internet Co in doing things selling business, the latter is the sale of business, the use of the Internet."." Right and wrong, Different people, different views.


nine year loss and sustained expansion of

Liu Qiang in Dongxin the return tomorrow is insurmountable advantage with today’s loss, but the reality is that the loss has been for months and years carried by investors at the bottom. The essence of business is to pursue profit, and investors have the ability to follow the lead

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