Entrepreneurship 25 years, Fosun Group CEO Liang Gang suddenly resigned, Guo Guangchang shocked, a

fourth, the title of the mail should be how to write to attract more readers, can be easy to understand, and ingenuity. How to use other resources, such as video, animation and so on, to make our title more vivid and vivid.

will take effect today.

, one of the most notable, was Liang Xinjun’s resignation. He was one of the founders of Fosun Group, a bachelor’s degree in genetic engineering from Fudan University in 1991, and an alumnus of Guo Guangchang, who graduated from the Department of Fudan philosophy in 1989.

for this matter, Liang Xinjun also issued a letter to all staff, announced the matter.

so how can better use email marketing? The golden Wangzhuan case to introduce the following method to it to our website. In order to improve our website email better frequency problems, bravely step forward, we first told our email subscribers in advance, in the next few weeks, we send the message of the frequency will be increased, but only a few weeks time will increase, which will return to normal after.

before writing this article, I would like to ask you a question? What is the e-mail marketing? I think most of my friends would tell me that email marketing mainly refers to the transfer of invoices and other junk information, actually we just say a small part. This is far from what email marketing is going to do. The real network marketing should be based on user’s permission. In western developed countries, mail marketing is a very important marketing tool, and it has a close relationship with everyone.


second, what is the goal of email marketing? How can we cooperate with other marketing methods to achieve the best results?

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announcement also stressed that the beam Xinjun and Ding Guoqi have confirmed that no disagreement with the board, nor any of their resignation to the shareholders of the company note. No one will hold any position in the company after the resignation of the two.

is the question we should consider. I think as long as we solve these problems, we’ll leave

, health, happiness and prosperity," total assets increased by 28.8%, over 80% of Fosun Group’s total assets, and has become Fosun’s most important source of profits, contributed more than 76%. In 2016, the Hurun rich list, as chairman of Fosun, Guo Guangchang ranked twenty-eighth with 44 billion 500 million fortune.

he also said that he is more fortunate than others, the first is to encourage the reform of intellectual Entrepreneurship

late on the night of March 28th, Fosun international in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced that the group CEO Liang Xinjun for health reasons and resigned as executive director, vice chairman, chief executive and Remuneration Committee; Ding Guoqi to devote more time to the family before he served as vice president of the company executive directors and senior.

is a graduate of the following year, Liang Xinjun venture together with Guo Guangchang, to 38 thousand yuan venture capital, engaged in domestic market research business started, and later, the other three alumni, Wang Qunbin Wei Fan, about joining the sword, "said Fosun five musketeers". Today, Fosun Group has become a major international investment group.

announced the resignation of two executive directors, while Fosun also announced a series of executive appointments.

third, how can we get more effective email addresses for users? How can we do all the messages we send?.

according to last night Fosun released the latest annual report, Fosun international profit for the first time last year exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 10 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 27.7%. As of December 31st last year, the group’s total assets reached 486 billion 780 million yuan, an increase of 19.5%.

executive director Wang Qunbin took over as chief executive and appointed as members of the Remuneration Committee; executive director Chen Qiyu, Xu Xiaoliang Wang Can, appointed as co president; Kang LAN, Gong Ping as senior vice president and executive director; independent non-executive director and member of the audit committee, the Remuneration Committee and the nomination committee of Li Kaifu company.

fifth, how can we better satisfy the preferences of mail recipients? How can we understand the needs of users? How do our mail meet these needs and interests?.

first. What kind of value can our mail bring to the user?. How do we ensure that mail reaches the customer’s inbox successfully instead of entering the "junk box"?

Personnel transfer above More than

but at present in China, the role of mail marketing is far from being effective, and its role is far from being comparable to that of developed countries. As we have seen in the past, the frequency of mail delivery is a major concern for email marketers. Many online shops often bored to potential consumers to send a daily sale, fashion, a few discounts, shipping and other favorable news, one day can even send dozens of letters, these messages are often accomplished by mass mailing software.

this way, email subscribers to us after mailing frequency has been prepared, although after a few weeks to send mail more frequently, but the effect is not so bad as you imagine and is well beyond expectation. At the same time, in order to better do the mail marketing work, and pay attention to solve the following problems:

in the letter, Liang Xinjun said: "


EQ, IQ, talent, financial business, I think only in. 92 years of entrepreneurship, can become today such achievements and volume of Fosun a member, 25 years ago, and even ten years ago, I have never expected……. I am very satisfied, and therefore I am more optimistic about Fosun’s bright future.

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