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1. Products are rich, diversified,

2, board of directors

Key points of The Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games

investors and founders tend to use the board as a venue for rights struggle, and are used to the number of directors representing my interests Instead of looking at the quality of the board’s people and its components: how good are the members of the board? What is the role of the board of directors in the development of the company?

two, a strong backing of funds LETV announced a 50 million yuan investment

for us: during the Olympic Games for many SP closed off, as the Union message after many consultations, and provide a sound platform for the webmaster, based on product diversification and strong capital backing, we have confidence. For smart Webmaster: This is a great opportunity, I believe that during the Olympic Games will greatly enhance the consciousness of the webmaster, long-term development is also a good cornerstone. A rational mind; a shrewd choice. May we join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

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founder and CEO if smart enough, he will be good at "management" of the board of directors, the board of directors to support his decision, making the company the development of swing on their own track; if CEO are smart enough, he will be good at "lazy", will put some responsibility on the board of directors in management. Whether the selection and recruitment of top management teams can be decided or assisted by the board of directors? Is the company’s development direction and development strategy discussed by the board of directors? Is it possible for each senior management team to be assessed by the board of directors every quarter? The CEO is a relatively strong role, the role of SPEAKER, can fully represent the company and management team interests; "the latter CEO role does not seem to be vulnerable, what right, what things have to be decided by the board of directors. However, rights and obligations are equal, and the greater the rights, the greater the obligations. The former CEO is actually very strong on their own requirements, for the company, he must make sure that their decision-making is correct, otherwise the company will get into trouble. Although the latter look weak, but if the control is good, not only can also ensure they will be reflected, but also the most extensive play the role of the board of directors.

is a special period of special situation and you work together to create the Olympic unprecedented leap. Refuels for the Olympic Games, refuels for us.

has different views, or links can be directly Q:564202902

as text messaging League address: lm.letv:9090/zlimon

langtaosha · Millennium Olympic gold

China milepost 100 year history of the Olympic Games, to create a green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Cultural Olympics three concepts, the International Olympic Committee’s Press Committee Chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China to allow China during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites, so the crackdown on the site. In view of the extraordinary period, in order to the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster, to meet the supply needs of the majority of the webmaster, as the text messaging alliance teamed China Mobile, China Unicom launched the flagship antivirus products. In ensuring the Olympic Games, we integrated into the Olympic atmosphere, watching the wonderful competition, reflecting the high quality of the Chinese people, at the same time, our webmaster can also make modest efforts in the proper channels to support family life.

1, company top management team,

friend taught me that a successful start-up companies have two necessary conditions: 1 all major decisions are correct Do right things; 2 all the right decisions can be properly enforced Do things right. In fact, more than start-up companies, all companies are the same reason.

‘s basic organization is the top management team. CEO should be in line with "talent CBA" model, a highly complementary to the senior team, each member in the scope of their charge, had a higher ability than CEO, more extensive resources and connections. Please refer to my another article: with the teacher wang!.

three, now every day, whether it is the amount of registration of individual users, or smart webmaster registration volume are constantly rising.

: as the text messaging alliance made better decisions,


is now the world all stare, look at the five-star floating jiuxiao.

Ho, project champion.

to achieve the above two conditions are: as the number one company – founder and CEO, if can play to their talent and leadership ability, let the company flourish; and let the development of the company and the decision only within their scope of leadership. This is a contradiction, handled well, can complement each other, in fact, this is also reflected in the level of CEO organizations. My friend also taught me that in order to deal with these contradictions, CEO needs to build a three dimensional corporate decision and executive body around itself.

amazing during the Olympic Games to make money trick owners to become the biggest winner! If your website income is not abundant, try to bring you a message LETV alliance during the Olympic Games unprecedented leap, we know that a good leader is the power you forward, so far we have made unremitting efforts.

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