Do some experience outside the chain of love through the products in Shanghai

love Shanghai Post Bar, as favored high level account and love Shanghai know, so the chain is an important need to develop their own account. Then as Post Bar members in their own Post Bar hair band link posted success rate than in other Post Bar high success rate. With the same account number IP and the same day that there are limits, 5 in the control stick within it, my feeling is by chance. In Post Bar is mainly how to cheat Post Bar administrator, they delete your posts, so don’t put advertising significantly, or leave your links in reply which are good.

pain chain experience we should have experienced repeated operation of machinery, energy costs do not say is not necessarily successful. Shanghai love their products such as know, Post Bar, library of love Shanghai for their weight is very high, but they are also very strict management, just put a link up easily no echo. But the probability of success for certain skills outside the chain is relatively high, the chain quality is also good, that I said I do outside the chain of experience in Shanghai love these products.

know this love Shanghai, everyone should love Shanghai most, know inside hair of the chain from the chain at the same time can bring traffic to the site in. But now want to know is not easy to love Shanghai inside the chain, to love in Shanghai know inside hair of the chain, there are still a few points necessary. The first high level account, the new registered account whether you are in the reference inside or in the content inside hair basically would not have passed, but the high level technician reference is relatively simple, but it is also a limit to the number of times a day, basically only 1-3, the show does not come out. I have also done a comparison of four level and five level account account level, understand the success rate is higher, but the level in high can not be continuous. Then the training account, don’t answer is to bring your own links, answer some questions with their links, is to enhance the level of their pure experience can be, in preparation for the senior account. Try to put the link in the reference inside the success rate is high, if the hair in the content inside the space we can consider love Shanghai. Add the domain name, such as hi.baidu贵族宝贝/**** star is our own web site, but also not multiple. Unless the change account for IP. Some people say that the hair more easily K this website to me is not met before, do not know love in Shanghai will not automatically submit the case included a lot of my hair with a lot of websites, but does not show no other problems.

love love Shanghai library, Shanghai Encyclopedia also can bring your own links, if the library can write original articles, false original article or others as word documents uploaded to the library of the chain is of good quality. But do not copy, while beginning to release the success, may cause copyright dispute deleted. But it’s hard to love Shanghai encyclopedia, so far I edit the successful entry and test >

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