Analysis of the influence of website promotion of network marketing from site traffic

3, optimization scheme: tracking by keyword advertising effect, such as soft feedback access network marketing effect, provide the basis for the development and marketing strategy of correction network, checking site traffic situation, adjust the site pattern, at the same time, according to the judgment of a source of quality of visitors, analyze its malicious click rate, then optimization of network promotion effect.

2, accurate market positioning: the visitor source analysis, assist enterprises to develop different marketing strategies to adjust the market positioning, is good for enterprise.

4, improve customer satisfaction through frequent guest recognition function, the number of visitors to the site visitor’s on-line analysis, repeat rate, master and mining visitor’s needs. To fully grasp the visitor information, effectively guide the mining visitor’s needs, to maximize the order. At the same time, it can also greatly improve customer satisfaction.

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survey shows that currently China the number of Internet users reached 400 million, ranking first in the world. Therefore, the huge number of Internet users, has brought enormous business opportunities, huge consumer groups, Internet has brought great changes to the business habits, and network marketing to provide a broad space, and statistical data of network traffic to the network marketing strategy provides a reasonable and effective according to the. The general network traffic statistical data mainly includes the following aspects:

2, which is the source of visitors, visitors from other websites? At the same time I posted the link and the analysis of the effect of soft

according to the above four aspects, the website promotion, website traffic to the enterprise network marketing task to correct the effect. The main manifestations are:

The number of visitors to The popularity of

Internet network impact has become known to every family industry. The popularity of the network so that some companies began to be transferred to the enterprise culture in Internet operation, how talent shows itself in many websites? Network promotion is a key priority among priorities. Do network promotion is the basic work of efficient network marketing.

1, reduce blindness: the number of visitors by promotion of statistics, so that enterprises can grasp the website promotion effect, reduce the blindness.

site traffic statistics, by monitoring the identification and assessment allows companies to better control the website real-time dynamic, through the number >

in the end how?3, tracking ?

keyword advertising effect: visitors are searching a keyword to which the analysis of love Shanghai for advertising and better advertising effect which noble baby

4 and visitors: visitors enter the site, browse the pages? On-line time? Where is the last page? At the same time the page? Whether invited sessions? Invite the number of first time landing? The final statistics of the total number of visitors, the number of visitors invited. How many visitors accept session.

1, namely, the number of visitors? Where are they? IP

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