n the era of mobile nternet search to decide on what path to follow

first, the end of the mobile Internet users are using the fragmentation of the time, and through the search engine to search, then the contents of the corresponding location, according to the above to get the corresponding help, so the possibility of the occurrence probability is relatively low. Because of the fragmentation of time to meet the long time of operation, so that it will affect the use of mobile users to search engines.

In fact, in the United States

third, a variety of application users. The user reduces the use of search engines, in addition to the search engine itself has some bottlenecks in the development, application and development of the third party is beginning to cause great impact on search engines, such as Apple’s app store, in which people can directly search for the corresponding software. Even to get the corresponding books and all kinds of information in them, so people for traditional depend on search engine will decline.

search engine market things, in China’s mobile internet terminal also has certain similarity, love Shanghai PC Internet search giant in the mobile Internet market has always been bland, and those applications based on mobile Internet is developing fast, such as WeChat, micro-blog and all kinds of Mobile Games etc.. Now many experts and scholars began to conclude from different levels, in the mobile internet terminal, the traditional search is no longer appropriate risk, if not transformation will face elimination.

so the search engines, to succeed in the mobile Internet, you need to change the traditional mode of operation to get rid of at least PC search. Mobile should give full consideration to the mobile Internet user habits to improve, so that it can better adapt to the mobile user’s habits, and thus to occupy the market. In this paper from the following several points.

from the United States The Overspill technology blog data statistics, the current U.S. users in the mobile internet terminal using the Google search engine only accounted for 50% of the proportion of users, and the Internet in the PC end, the proportion of more than 90%. And according to the development trend of mobile Internet in recent years, the user through the mobile search to show a downward trend in the proportion of internet.

So why is

in the mobile internet terminal to search the dependence of the people will be greatly reduced? The main reason is generally reflected in the following points.

first, enhance the safety of search results. The search engine to the user security properties >

second, due to the current intelligent mobile phone screen is relatively small, the amount of data obtained by the search engine is too large, people want to get more data, requires frequent operation and flip mobile phone, from the convenience point of view, obviously not the PC side is more appropriate, and people are afraid of get through the search engine information contains a virus, but once the virus in China is likely to be malicious deducting traffic risk, this also led to a lot of people to use search engines to look carefully. Don’t mess with.

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