The site contains a normal but included total did not change the solution

has found the cause of the problem, it will be easier, as long as we can solve an antidote against the disease. The original content is not high, need to increase the content of the original height, not to collect or low-end pseudo original. The website weight is not high, we must enhance the website weight, increase the optimization of the high quality of the chain and the site within the chain and so on, there are many ways to say I was unknown. For the content of the correlation is not strong, not the pursuit of popular keywords, and to the site to add some irrelevant content, some content update when considering the correlation. The keyword density is too high, the keyword density is best controlled at 8% to 2%, and the article was intended to maintain and smooth.

4. the keyword density is too high for many webmaster to do a keyword, add a lot of the keyword in the article, so will the keyword density is very high, ranking at the beginning is also high, but over time the ranking will drop, and even included in this article will be deleted. This is not friendly to the search engine, the user experience is not good.

Two. To solve the

reasons included the normal amount of influence included. The weight of the

2. web site is not high practice, the same article, you in addition to their own website, and then go to a lot of high weight website, after a period of time you will find your website which can not find this article (this is not Google, Google pay more attention to copyright).

The amount included in


1. original content is not high included normal, that search engine is often come to your website is temporarily love your content, and the same amount that you deleted before the content included, which means before it finds you the contents of high repeatability, does not have the collection value.

The correlation between included the normal amount of influence included

site contains normal and included quantity invariable situation, according to the above method over time, that included the amount of your site will have a qualitative leap. Hope that those who love to remove or change the copyright of friends, respect for their labor, respect for copyright. In this paper, by my city network (www.wodecheng>


3. content is not strong if you do beauty information website title, but put a lot of network promotion or the latest news release, this time will be included the content, but over a period of time will find the search engine website you cry up wine and sell vinegar, will not remove these related included content, or even drop right. The user experience is not good.

search engine on the web, I think many webmaster concern, and many owners will check every day or a day of site many times. Today we have to discuss the website included normal, but included total why did not change, which is a lot of novice owners in the forum and ask the question and answer platform. We included the normal amount of influence included the reason, to talk about how to solve this problem.

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