What are the benefits of website optimization recognized why

website ranking it fear most is from rival malicious clicks, which not only greatly wasted costs, but also let users very web server increases, causing the site busy, let a lot of the real intention of customers will lose this website browsing intention. Site optimization can avoid this situation, in the same IP address, multiple login or search, is only a deduction of the costs, which not only can prevent this from happening, but also to ensure the normal use of the client server.

website optimization, we can use the formal website, not only can make the website ranking longer, can also let the website ranking more high stability. read more

want to do image optimization you must learn these points

in the webmaster online everywhere you are chatting about the Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website article, because we all know that the text content types can be very good recognition and capture by spiders. But for the moment of the Internet, many websites or a picture based web site, for example, material picture sharing sites, for these optimization methods of text type website is not very applicable. So Xiaobian today to share some experience of doing optimization in the picture.

(two) ALT attribute. read more

Love Shanghai introduced the automatic bidding to kill a bunch of customers around the company

love Shanghai to promote the automatic bid "function of the platform is free, because it is their own products, booking ranking accuracy should not be more than third party products, has a very big advantage in this regard. But with the customer most care function is that you want to set the price according to the rankings, and then under the constraint of the highest and lowest bid. (due to not see the official version, temporarily do not know whether there is the highest and lowest price constraint) read more

Night rate site speed affects the effect of our Shanghai dragon Edition

in peach interval, is the relationship between the speed and the amount of site response to grab. Slow response speed, the crawler will gradually reduce the capture, fast response speed, grabbing quantity will rise, and crawl speed of response peak valley value interval of about 20 days, is about 3 weeks. But also you crawl and host load relationship, in the February to April period, a new server, with CDN, Down server. In order not to continue to increase the complexity of the map, I will not go out. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm experience for users in the end is how to judge the site

can accelerate the speed of opening page

in our Shanghai dragon eyes, each master Shanghai dragon will say that the top of the Shanghai dragon is good user experience, have a good user experience, you will have good rankings and flow. The net odd admit that the user experience is a very important part in the Shanghai dragon, but ordinary enterprise is very difficult to do user experience, we are selling products to the site, it is difficult to make the user experience.

above there are several reasons for this, we can see that these reasons are in order to make the site open speed more quickly, users get a better web experience, we use the page optimization suggestion tool we can understand the love of Shanghai eye in the user experience of the website is what, can not be said to be comprehensive. But at least it is a standard of judgment, which is open to the speed of your web page, the faster the user experience is good. read more

n the website optimization analysis method with the industry website

two, use Adsense tools inquires the collected industry website. The weight included a website and website has a great relationship. We can use the chinaz贵族宝贝 and aizhan贵族宝贝 webmaster tools to inquires the site collected, including the number of pages included, included quantity growth, the content of the page to be collected from the query data and so on, we can judge that the query website construction, such as increasing frequency, "" is the original or false original etc. can be perceived. read more

Noble join baby depth article in the search results

depth article ranking is looking for high quality, more in-depth content. Noble baby also help page gives a method of how to make the site appear in depth in the article, such as mark, in the content provided in copyright can capture images (image), (description), and the main body of the article (articleBody) label.

added this feature, even if many high-quality content has been released for many years, but still can settle down, discovered by users.


depth article ranking is looking for high quality, more in-depth content. Noble baby said in an official blog today: adding the depth article in the search results". In the daily information needs of users, 10% of the search will design a wide range of topics, which is why today we are going to join the "depth articles". read more

Those things like Shanghai news sources included

love the sea fight one after another algorithm does not mean to come to an end > Shanghai Dragon

: content timeliness and originality

August 28th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued news sources included all know that. Shanghai is the latest in a series of self update algorithm, attack release promotion of the soft news station. News sources included: the principle of hope have included news editing ability, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and a certain scale of the news site in its target domain. In addition to the news site has certain provisions, news sources included also needs to be judged according to other aspects. read more

My painful experience in smart ChinaYears of experience with talk about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan future w

is Wangzhuan money online, this is a kind of imported money mode, because foreign Internet penetration is earlier than the domestic. After 2000 Chinese Internet obtained the rapid development, a large number of outstanding domestic industry website to obtain rapid development in this period. Here we mainly talk about the Alibaba’s taobao, taobao was established in 2003, 2008 sales of nearly billion yuan of crown Chinese Internet retail industry and become Asia’s largest Internet retail website. The success of Taobao has created a large number of grassroots entrepreneurs, including many university graduates, laid-off unemployed at home of ordinary people, thinking, creative and social youth etc…. Retail network platform they use Taobao to build a store of entrepreneurial struggle, achieved a miracle. From this point Taobao’s contribution is enormous he is not an industry website a success, but a success and the liberation of thought. From that moment, people know a thing, really can not only online chatting and playing games it is possible to make money, I don’t know what other people think Wangzhuan, but I think Taobao is the Wangzhuan written ordinary users of the heart. In the success of Taobao and a large number of foreign money online thinking and form slowly into the domestic investigation, one of the more popular e-mail, click, code, search. Also, there is the store mentioned above, SEO search engine optimization, training, website etc.. The set of all these forms is now Wangzhuan Wangzhuan name to make money online. read more

Tai Chi chain money scene network CPA products on-lineZhu Shijian seventy or eighty years old, succe

however, this is not the key reason of "Chu orange" to do it. "Chu orange" Zhu Shijian my contacts, resources, reputation and other factors.

advantages of this promotion:


the following afternoon


chose to grow "Chu orange", from Zhu Shijian to the United States when he said: Sunkist Sunkist, beautiful appearance, no taste, but prices are very expensive. An advantage is that orange is the traditional crop of his native Yunnan Huaning county. He later told the staff, it is not proud, if one day the orange appearance, taste more than Sunkist, that is the real cattle. Zhu Shijian said, "whatever you do, fight for the first." read more